The Cabinet of Obsolete Media is made possible through the collective efforts of many curious and passionate contributors. In addition to those listed below, many others have generously donated their objects and their time to this project. We thank you all for helping to create and enrich this resource for contemporary and future reference.

Institutional support
UCL Department of History of Art: Prof Alison Wright, Eleanor Day, Rachel Fishwick, Martin Perks

Financial support
UCL Department of History of Art
Dean’s Strategic Fund Grant for Education and Research Activities
Laidlaw Scholarship

Martin Perks, Allie Stielau, Alison Wright

Student participants
Caitrin Anderson
Anna Barnet
Caitrin Barret-Donlon
Sheena Carrington
Smaranda Ciubotaru
Susan Htoo
Laura Inserra
Evelyn Lenz
Maxime Weiss
Fionn Montell-Boyd
Paz Monge
Harry Moore
Vincenza Napoli
Eleanor Price
Phoebe Thomas

Andrea Lathrop

Website and images
Caitrin Andreson and Hanna Hölling

Concept and realisation
Hanna Hölling